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High blood calcium is never normal and is typically an indicator of a serious medical problem. The “High Blood Calcium is Bad” campaign was started to increase awareness of the importance of calcium to our overall health, and to help doctors and patients recognize of the symptoms of high blood calcium and the dangers if it goes untreated. High blood calcium almost always means there is a hormone problem from a parathyroid tumor in the neck that should be removed. Every adult should know what their blood calcium level - it is more important than your cholesterol number and the most important blood number you should know.  

Do you know your calcium number?

​​High blood calcium is not normal. 

Even a "mild" high calcium is a sign of an underlying problem. Over 99% of the time, high blood calcium is caused by a parathyroid tumor as shown in this animation. Many aspects if high blood calcium and hyperparathyroidism are discussed in this 5 minute video.

High blood calcium is bad.

The high blood calcium will cause many other health issues from high blood pressure to heart problems, osteoporosis, kidney stones and kidney failure. Even several types of cancer such as breast and prostate are increased in patients with high blood calcium. How high the calcium has become is not important. Mild high calcium is just as bad as very high. 

High blood calcium makes people feel miserable.

While the excess parathyroid hormone is causing many other health problems throughout the body, it almost always makes people feel miserable. Many symptoms from chronic fatigue to memory loss, bone pain and kidney stones are caused by high blood calcium. See our Symptom Page foe more information. 

High Blood Calcium is BAD!

Our race car looks the way it does for a reason: this is what bones look like under a microscope when they get thin and weak due to osteoporosis. This is often caused by a parathyroid tumor that should be removed---and the osteoporosis gets better! The "cracked" and "broken" lines are an exact replication of osteoporosis bones.

Read more about the dangers of High Blood Calcium, what it means, and what to do about it at

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