Bad Lambo Racing

Racing a new Lamborghini Huracan LP620-2 in the North American Lamborghini Super Tropheo Series.

The "Baddest Lambo" on the planet!

Lamborghini Huracan LP620-2 Super Tropheo Race Car from Bad Lambo Racing

Lamborghini Racing Team, Lamborghini Huracan


  • Body:                         Lamborghini Hybrid: carbon/aluminum

    Engine:                      5.2L V10, mid-engine

    Induction:                  Direct and multi-point fuel injection

    Horsepower:             620 HP,  440 lb-ft torque

    Transmission:            6-speed, paddle shift, rear drive

    Weight:                      2800 lbs  (4.5 lbs/HP)

    Traction Control: :      8 settings, driver adjustable (steering wheel)

    Brakes:                      ABS: 12 settings, driver adjustable (steering wheel)

    0-60 Speed               2.3 seconds

    Top Speed:                210 MPH


Bad Lambo Racing Huracan Super Tropheo the day she arrived in the states. Pure white, and without sin. She didn't stay this way very long!

The first step in wrapping the race car is to lay out the different panels. The wrap is printed in sections that are easily shown here.

The wrapping process for our Lamborghini Huracan LP620-2 race car is about half done in this photo. The bumpers, wing, dive planes, mirrors and a number of other small parts are removed from the car to get the best result when wrapping the car. This is done so no edges can be seen and the car looks like it has been painted. A good wrap is very hard to distinguish from paint, yet it is much easier to repair and change. The bumpers are wrapped separately and then put back on the car. Once wrapped, the series sponsor logos and our team sponsor logos, driver's names, and other various "stickers" get placed on the car. This is going to be one BAD Lambo!

Car design by Andy Blackmore Designs. Thanks Andy!